China Shipping Container Lines

China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. (CSCL), affiliated to China Shipping Group, is a global container liner service provider involved in a diversified business. Founded in 1997, the Shanghai based company is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shanghai Stock Exchanges. With a capital of RMB 11.683125 billion, CSCL is registered at No. A-538, International Trade Center, China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.

CSCL’s business spectrum spreads from container shipping to vessel chartering, cargo conversing and booking, custom clearance, warehousing, container depot, manufacturing, trading and repairing of containers and ship management.

CSCL operates a young, modern and environmental friendly fleet with a large capacity providing safe, reliable and efficient liner service to its customers globally. By the end of 2015, the number of ships reached 156 representing a total capacity of 724,000 TEU. CSCL is the NO.7 largest global container shipping liner by capacity. 87 out of the 156 ships are above 4,000 TEU, totaling 620,000 TEU, accounting for 88.2% of the total capacity , the average capacity is 7340 TEU and the average vessel age stands at 6.8 5 years. The “CSCL GLOBE”, one of the 5 ships with the capacity at 19,100 TEUs each, deployed on 18th Nov. 2014, is the largest container vessel in the world at present.

CSCL’s container ships are calling more than 180 ports regularly in over 60 countries and regions. The company offers nearly 80 international and domestic trade lanes together with a well-developed feeder network covering South East Asia, South China, North China and Yangzi River Delta region. CSCL employs 7,000 people working in 80 agency companies and 287 offices locally. CSCL endeavors to provide truly one stop service with an intergraded service network.

Among the 147 companies of CSCL are 8 regional sales companies in China, CSCL Hong Kong, South Africa Holding, South America Holding, Puhai Shipping, Universal Shipping and Dalian Vanguard International Logistics, etc. Blessed by its mother company’s abundant resources including fleet, terminal, truck, warehouse, rail and air freight, CSCL is able to provide door to door services to its valued customers through an integrated logistics chain involving all water, water and air, water and rail and water and motor transportation.

CSCL is committed to offering trustworthy services all over the world through standardized customer service and "package" solutions involving E-business platforms like EDI and Cargo. The company aims at gaining competitive advantages for our customers through whole process monitoring and reducing logistics costs. Today, CHINA SHIPPING simply means high quality service to CSCL’s global customers.

Over its 17 year history, CSCL has adhered to a carefully balanced development path between company and community, growth and quality. We believe in sustainable growth and advanced company culture. We are continually working to improve employee competence and pursue a new shipping model of lower carbon and higher energy efficiency. CSCL’s footprint is visible in many maritime rescue missions and poverty fighting activities. We endeavor to label CSCL with happiness, green and responsibility. Our efforts were recognized by the many honors received including Green Flag by Long Beach Port, A Special Award in a Maritime Search and Rescue Mission by IMO, One of the Most Popular Liners in European Trade, and the Shipping Enterprise with the Strongest Sense of Social Responsibility.