Services to/from Europe and own Feeder

For additional information please download the PDF document for each individual service.

(latest update on September 4th, 2015)

AEX1- Asia/Europe Express Service 1 (more Info)

AEX3- Asia/Europe Express Service 3 (more Info)

AEX4- Asia/Europe Express Service 4 (more Info)

AEX5- Asia/Europe Express Service 5 (more Info)

AEX7- Asia/Europe Express Service 7 (more Info)

AEX11- Asia/Europe Express Service 11 (more Info)

AEX12- Asia/Europe Express Service 12 (more Info) 

AEX13- Asia/Europe Express Service 13 (more Info)

EPIC - Middle East/India/Pakistan Service (more Info)

MINA/MAX2 - Mediterranean America Express 2 (more Info)

ABX - Far East Black Sea Express Service (more Info)

AMX1 - Asia Mediterranean Express Service 1 (more Info)

AMX3 - Asia Mediterranean Express Service 3 (more Info)

AMX4/MD1 - Asia Mediterranean Express Service 4 (more Info)

AMX8 - Asia Mediterranean Express Service 8 (more Info) 

AMX9 - Asia Mediterranean Express Service 9 (more Info)

GEM - East Mediterranean to Middle East/India Service (more Info)

RES1 - Red Sea Service 1 (more Info)


TBS - Turkey-Black Sea Feeder (more Info)

RFS - Russia Finland Feeder (more Info)